Add Grip & Decrease Wear:
Carbinite Metal Coatings is a problem solving company that provides specialized coatings services.

Our core competency is providing carbide coatings in textures ranging from smooth to coarse for applications requiring increased grip and wear resistance.
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Features of Carbinite Coatings:

Increased Grip -

Apply Carbinite’s textured carbide coatings for added grip to stop slip problems

Wear Resistance -

Carbinite’s smooth and textured coatings increase surface hardness of up to 72 Rc

Bond Strength -

Applied through a proprietary electro-spark deposition process known as electrofusion. Carbinite creates a true metallurgical bond - with higher bond strengths than a typical flame/thermal spray of HVOF

Permanent Solution -

Re-apply Carbinite multiple times if wear does occur without removal of existing coating

Consistent Build Up -

Self insulating process guarantees desired thicknesses even if the coating is later re-applied


Orders under 100 sq. in. of total coating are processed in 3 business days or less, reducing costly downtime!


In addition to our coating services we offer our years of experience and expertise in selecting the proper coating, treatment or material to get the most out of your project!


For applications where shipping is not cost effective or simply not possible, Carbinite can be easily applied on site. Please contact us to discuss your project!