Supercharger PulleysAll serpentine belt drives suffer from some amount of slippage. Sometimes the slippage problem is amplified by smaller diameter pulleys, limited belt-to-pulley contact areas, and high accessory loads. Carbinite’s unique textured coating provides optimal grip for serpentine belt systems, reducing or eliminating belt slippage. This set-up allows for more power to be transferred through the serpentine belt system.


  • The textured carbide coating, optimized for grip and belt life, is metallurgically bonded to your pulley and is guaranteed not to chip, flake or peel.
  • The coating can be applied to all serpentine applications from street cars to race cars, as well as to high-performance marine pulleys (water pump and/or supercharger).
  • Carbinite can be applied to steel or aluminum pulleys.
  • You may see an improvement in your boost level.
  • Carbinite can eliminate the need for a 6-to-8 or 8-to-10 rib conversion.
  • In some cases, Carbinite can eliminate the need to go to a “cogged” set-up.

What will happen to my pulley?


The vast majority of users find that a Carbinite-coated supercharger pulley significantly reduces or eliminates slip issues with no damage to belts or other engine components. On the rare occasion that you experience belt shred, squeaking, or any other issue, please contact Carbinite Metal Coatings at 724-586-5659. We will help you troubleshoot the problem, which is often misalignment or inadequate belt tension. Carbinite cannot be held responsible if you choose to not seek or follow troubleshooting advice.

Carbinite Metal Coatings/Carbinite Racing Solutions does not guarantee that applying our coating to your supercharger pulley will result in any positive outcome including, but not limited to: elimination of slip issues, improvement of your engine’s performance, or improvement of your boost. Carbinite is applied to your pulley at your own risk. We do not reimburse users for pulley coating, shipping, belts, pulleys, or any other component that may be affected by using a pulley coated with Carbinite under any circumstance.

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