Supercharger Pulleys

Supercharger PulleysAll serpentine belt drives suffer from some amount of slippage. Sometimes the slippage problem is amplified by smaller diameter pulleys, limited belt-to-pulley contact areas, and high accessory loads. Carbinite’s unique textured coating provides optimal grip for serpentine belt systems, reducing or eliminating belt slippage. This set-up allows for more power to be transferred through the serpentine belt system.


  • The textured carbide coating, optimized for grip and belt life, is metallurgically bonded to your pulley and is guaranteed not to chip, flake or peel.
  • The coating can be applied to all serpentine applications from street cars to race cars, as well as to high-performance marine pulleys (water pump and/or supercharger).
  • Carbinite can be applied to steel or aluminum pulleys.
  • You may see an improvement in your boost level.
  • Carbinite can eliminate the need for a 6-to-8 or 8-to-10 rib conversion.
  • In some cases, Carbinite can eliminate the need to go to a “cogged” set-up.
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