Celebrating 25 years of Carbinite at Kennywood Park!

Back Row
Joe (CT2), Drew (CTO), Jared (Prod. Engineer), Luke (Prod. Engineer), Megan (CT3), Evan (CT2), Andy (VP Operations), Matt (CT2)

Front Row
Jeremy (CT1), Sue (CEO), Rob (Founder), Steve (CT3), Ann (CT1)


Rob Freyvogel founded Carbinite Metal Coatings in 1997 with a simple mission. To provide our customers with the highest quality grip and wear solutions at a fair price while minimizing disruption to their productivity. With that mission in mind, Carbinite has improved upon our Electro Spark Deposition (ESD) process, providing custom engineered solutions to unique industry challenges.

Designing workholding fixtures as an Applications Engineer, Rob saw the need for a niche application which improved the grip of his fixtures. Having an entrepreneurial spirit and stepping out in faith, Rob persevered in locating and purchasing a single coating machine. Armed with that one coating machine in his garage, he named the coating Carbinite and began to build the business one customer at a time by providing superior service and customer-focused solutions. His growing family ate a lot of rice and beans during those first few years!

As the company outgrew the garage and began to hire employees, Rob was able to focus on his passion of R&D to expand the technology into additional industries that could benefit from improvements in grip. Automating the process for large or high-volume parts was one of the first improvements that fit right in with Carbinite’s mission – consistent high-quality coating, cost-effective solutions, and fast turn-around. As an avid high-performance auto enthusiast, Rob realized a need for Carbinite’s coating on supercharger pulleys and chassis dyno drums. In 2000, on-site service first became a reality in the safety industry when we were asked to apply our coating to stair edges in an amusement park. On-site flooring coating soon followed, along with expansion into steel and aluminum mills.

Over the last 20+ years, we have been blessed with talented, dedicated individuals that are proud to provide superior customer service, exceptional quality, and “lightning fast-turnaround”. Each gains a sense of satisfaction from a job well-done and from helping our customers solve problems unique to their applications. Carbinite’s owners and employees have over 100 years of combined experience. We are committed to our original mission, to exploring new industries, and to developing better processes to serve our customers.

Carbinite’s Vision


Carbinite’s Mission

With integrity, we will increase the profitability of our customers and our company by providing the highest quality grip and wear solutions at a fair price while minimizing disruption to productivity.

Carbinite’s Core Values

Carbinite Metal Coatings would not exist without the abundant blessings bestowed on us by God. The culture we have fostered brings glory to Him because:

  1. We value people over profit.
  2. We develop and use our gifts to the fullest while being considerate of each person’s limitations.
  3. We treat every person associated with us as a uniquely created individual.
  4. We take care of our customer’s property.
  5. We generously reward accomplishments.
  6. We are good stewards of our resources and the environment.
  7. We resolve conflicts quickly and respectfully.

Family, friends, employees, subcontractors, and supporters of Carbinite over the last 25 years. Thanks to all of you!