Carbinite is a metallurgically bonded textured coating using Tungsten Carbide that increases friction, reduces wear, improves grip and improves performance for a wide variety of applications across many different industries.  

Our Process

We use a process called Electro Spark Deposition (ESD) to apply Carbinite, which yields a true metallurgical bond.  It is not a spray process.

Coating Materials

We offer five standard Emery equivalences from tungsten carbide that can be customized for your application.

Technical Data

Carbinite is a versatile textured coating that improves performance of parts in many different industries.  Learn more about how Carbinite increases friction, reduces wear, and allows for a smooth or sliding surface.


Carbinite can be applied to most metals that can conduct electricity; our coatings excel when applied to hardened A2 or D2 tool steel.  Carbinite can be applied to worn-out dies, clamp blocks, and other fixtures to extend the life of your tooling.

Carbinite can be applied to small areas and specialty parts of all shapes and sizes.  We use automation for many high-quantity orders or large surface area applications.

Increasing Productivity by Reducing Workholding Slippage