The primary goal of workplace safety is to prevent accidents by providing a safe work environment. Metal walking surfaces in mills, manufacturing facilities, subway stations, amusement parks, and stadiums can become slip-and-fall safety hazards when exposed to inclement weather, liquids, or oils. Conventional solutions like grit adhesive strips or grit paint can wear, flake, or be dissolved by petroleum-based lubricants, requiring frequent replacements that are costly and time-consuming.

Carbinite Safety Applications

Applying Carbinite’s non-slip textured metal coating to surfaces increases traction and can significantly reduce or eliminate clamping slippage and the risk of slip-and-fall accidents. Carbinite is a more durable and cost-effective safety solution because it is metallurgically bonded to the metal surface and is guaranteed to not crack, chip, or peel. The ability to apply Carbinite on-site to your existing surface reduces your downtime. For the toughest conditions wet or dry, Carbinite has the solution to keep your workplace safe.

  • Aluminum Flooring Plate
  • Steel Flooring Plate
  • Diamond Tread
  • Grating
  • Metal Stair Edges
  • Mill Transport Rails
Safety Textured Coating
Tungsten Carbide Coating for flooring

Carbinite Services

On-Site Service

Carbinite can be applied on-site by our experienced technicians to most metals surfaces that may be a slip-and-fall hazards.

In-House Coating

If shipping your material is more cost-effective, coating can be applied at our Carbinite facility.

We can also provide 1/8”, 3/16”, or 1/4” Carbinite-coated pickled steel sheets. These sheets can be cut to fit your custom dimensions and installed by your technicians.

Safety Flooring Textured Coating
Safety Tungsten Carbide Coating Application