Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I Ship My Parts to be Coated?

Carbinite Metal Coatings

463 Brownsdale Road

Renfrew, PA 16053

What Do I Need to Include With the Parts?
How Should I Package the Parts to Send?

When packaging parts to ship to us, keep in mind that the boxes will go through abuse in the shipping process.  It is always better to overpack so that damage does not occur to the parts. Metal parts should be packaged so that they can not touch other metal parts.   Double-walled cardboard boxes are ideal for shipping. The parts should be packaged so that they can not move within the box (Air bubble packing for filling with heavy metal parts do not work well as they are almost always popped by the time we receive the box.)   Using packaging paper to fill any voids within the box after contents are added secures safe arrival.

How do You Indicate Where You Want Carbinite Applied?

You can mark the area that you would like to have coated with marker or paint. A print with the area designated to apply coating also works well for us to know where to coat.

Can Specific Areas be Masked Off for Coating?

We do have the capability to mask off specific areas to coat as our application process is not a spray coating.   We use tape to mask detailed areas to apply coating only to the designated area.

How Long does the Process Usually Take?

Our average turn around time for orders under 100 square inches of coating is 1.4 days in house. We have an in-house maximum of 3-day turn around for orders under 100 square inches.

What is Our Payment Policy?

Our standard terms are net 30.  Please contact us if your company requires different terms. We can accept credit card payment.

Can You Coat Aluminum?

Yes, we can coat aluminum though the bond strength is not going to be as strong as with steel.  We are limited on the grades of coating due to the softer material.  The hardness of the carbide that we add can tend to push into the soft aluminum.

What is the Best Material for the Coatings to be Applied?

Steel is the best material and the harder the base material, the better the bond strength of the coating.  We can coat metals that are conductive.  Extensive testing has been conducted on steel with A2 Tool Steel having the best results.  Feel free to contact us (link to contact or list contact e-mail) if you have an application with a specific type of material and we can discuss further the best options.

Can You Coat in-between the Grade of Coatings Listed on the Emery Equivalence Chart?

Yes,  we can coat in between the grades of coating.  We commonly apply a Grade w+,  Grade #1.5,  and Grade #2.5.   We can go slightly rougher than the Grade #4 on safety flooring applications.

Can Technicians be Sent Out to Apply On-Site?

We can apply coating on-site for applications where it is not feasible to remove the area to be coated or for larger applications. We have a limited capability with international on-site due to compliance and limitation on transportation of equipment.   If you have a specific application that you would like us to quote to apply the coating on-site, please contact us at: or 724-586-5659.