Highly Compatible Materials & Treatments

These metals readily accept Carbinite coatings, creating an excellent textured surface for maximum grip. Prep may be needed to ensure the surface is clean and free of scale, debris, or grease/oil.


  • Stainless steel
  • Any hardened tool steel
  • Inconel


  • Pre-Coating:
    • Heat treated material – may need to remove scale
  • Post-Coating:
    • Black Oxide
    • Ferritic Nitrocarburizing – better to treat after applying Carbinite since the purpose of FN is corrosion resistance


Acceptable Materials & Treatments

These are softer and the Carbinite coating can push into the piece depending on the material itself and the application. Please Contact Us to discuss your application in more detail.


  • Aluminum (all grades) – best coating grades for aluminum are #1, #2, and #4
  • Annealed tool steel
  • Bronze
  • Soft cast materials
  • Hard coated steels


    • Pre-Coating:
      • Black Oxide – can coat, but better to treat after applying Carbinite
      • Hard Chrome – depends on thickness
      • Gouging
      • Knurling
      • Serrations

Poor Materials & Treatments

While Carbinite can be applied to these materials, the results are often suboptimal. The material itself may be very soft and the Carbinite coating pushes into it. The coating deposition may be irregular or sparse. There are safety concerns in coating some materials such as magnesium and titanium.


  • Brass
  • Carbide – Carbinite can rough the surface
  • Cast iron – Carbinite can rough the surface
  • Magnesium – can coat under very controlled circumstances due to safety concerns, very little material deposition
  • Soft sintered metals (below 30Rc)
  • Titanium – maximum Carbinite grade is #1.5, safety concerns


    • Pre-Coating:
      • Flame Spray
      • Nickel Plating
      • Nitride – can coat, but better as a post-treatment
      • TiN

Materials That Cannot Be Coated



  • Anything that does not conduct electricity
  • Galvanized products – due to safety concerns


    • Must be removed prior to application of Carbinite:
      • Diamond
      • Flame/Thermal Spray Carbide
      • Thin film coatings such as PVD or CVD
    • Cannot coat:
      • Galvanizing – the appearance using the dipped procedure post-Carbinite is not appealing
      • NiB or electroless nickel plate
      • Paint – a thin coat of rust resistant paint can be applied to safety flooring after Carbinite coating
      • Thin film coatings such as PVD or CVD – possibly provides for corrosion resistance, more research is needed
    • Cannot coat and not approved for post-treatment:
      • Anodizing

Our Service

Carbinite Metal Coatings is dedicated to excellence in customer service. For most applications, customer fixtures are shipped to us and Carbinite is applied in our facility by our experienced technicians. Carbinite can be applied on-site for applications where shipping is not possible or feasible. Rush service is available at no extra cost.

The maximum processing time of orders under 100 square inches is three days.

Over the last three years, our average turnaround time for all orders is 1.34 business days.