To protect the privacy of our potential and current customers.

To ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by providing a transparent purpose and process for collection, storage, use, and deletion of personal data collected by Carbinite Metal Coatings, Carbinite Racing Solutions, and Carbinite LSR LLC from those respective websites.






This policy refers to information collected by Carbinite Metal Coatings (CMC), Carbinite Racing Solutions (CRS), and Carbinite LSR, LLC (CLSR) –,, and These three domains fall under the umbrella of Frey Research, Inc.

How will your data be used?
Data collected online or at a trade show is used for the purpose of fulfilling sample/information/quote requests, following-up on the requested samples/information/quote, answering questions posed by current or potential customers, or fulfilling merchandise orders.

We will not use current or potential customer data for any purpose other than stated above. We never have and never will sell, transfer, or supply any data to anyone outside of Carbinite without express written consent. In the event that communication was necessary between businesses concerning a customer order, we would obtain written consent via email prior to supplying the third party with contact information. We do not supply information to, or purchase information from, third party marketing list vendors.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*) on any of our contact forms. We collect this data to supply current or potential customers with the information requested. Optional fields are unmarked and are used only for internal purposes. For example:

  • Required fields for a sample request include: name, company, and address and are used to mail a requested sample.
  • Optional fields for a sample request include: industry. This is helpful for us to know which type of sample and information to send.

We rely on the individual completing any contact or order form to supply us with accurate information. If a sample/information/quote via email or post is returned as undeliverable, we make every effort to obtain correct demographic information to resend the information.

We utilize SalesOutlook to document internal staff communication regarding current and potential customers. We utilize Quickbooks as our accounting software. Data is stored indefinitely. If we moved from one platform to another, all data will be deleted from the original platform after a trial period not to exceed 12-months.

We verify the encryption and data protection methods of software used to record or document current or potential customer information.

We do not send out mass emails for sales, marketing, or general notification purposes. The only reason we would send a mass email is to notify customers of security issues such as a data breach or email hacking that could affect their business.


How will data be gathered?
Information is gathered by either contact/sample/quote forms or online payment pages located on,, or

Data is gathered at trade shows using the Lead Retrieval platform offered by the individual trade show.

We do not utilize automated decision-making programs.

We do use keywords on our website to assist in search engine optimization. These keywords are Carbinite website specific and are not used to gather any personal data from anyone conducting a web search for any particular keyword.


Who will see the data?
All employees of Carbinite Metal Coatings have access to current and potential customer data. All employees sign a non-disclosure agreement upon hire and are trained annually on customer privacy.

Employees have access to this data to perform their assigned duties as determined by their job descriptions.


By voluntarily completing a sample or information request form, or by placing a Supercharger Pulley Coating or Carbinite LSR merchandise order, a current or prospective customer is giving implied consent to use contact information for the shipping of the sample, information, or merchandise.

When the requested sample, information, or quote has been sent, it is standard policy for our Customer Service Team to initiate a follow-up phone call or email. To ensure compliance with GDPR, we have added a consent box, as well as a “best way of contact” option, to obtain consent for follow-up.

In the event that a current or potential customer chooses “do not follow-up” as an option when requesting a sample, our Customer Service Team will record the company information in SalesOutlook only. No follow-up phone call or email will be initiated other than to verify mailing address information in the event that a sample packet is returned as undeliverable.


As of 1/20/2019, Google Analytics has been installed on the domain The purpose of analytics is to obtain information about the use of our website to ensure the content provided is beneficial to current and prospective customers.

We do not track or store information, such as IP address, that could identify individual visitors.


Removal of Data
Any data will be removed immediately from our SalesOutlook and/or Quickbooks databases upon verbal or written request.

Verbal requests may be made by calling the phone number noted above. Written requests to or to the mailing address noted above.


Complaints or concerns?
Please contact M.Sue Freyvogel, CEO, at