Applications for Carbinite

Carbinite is a metallurgically bonded textured coating using Tungsten Carbide that increases friction, may reduce wear, and improves grip & performance. There are many different applications for Carbinite in workholding, primary metals, and other industries.

Some Tungsten Carbide Coating Uses

  • Collets/grippers
  • Rollers
  • Jaws
  • Emissions dyno
  • Clamps

Our Service

Carbinite Metal Coatings is dedicated to excellence in customer service. For most applications, customer fixtures are shipped to us and Carbinite is applied in our facility by our experienced technicians. Carbinite can be applied on-site for applications where shipping is not possible or feasible. Rush service is available at no extra cost.

The maximum processing time of orders under 100 square inches is three days.

Over the last three years, our average turnaround time for all orders is 1.34 business days.

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