Tungsten Carbide Collet Applications

The application of Carbinite increases the coefficient of friction on many different types of tooling, improving the grip to eliminate slippage during machining of parts.
The principle of applying Carbinite to collets is that it allows the clamping surface to be keyed to the material with tiny peaks. We call this action Surface Microkeying. Carbinite coated collets make less noticeable marks than serrated collets. Carbinite coatings can be applied as hard as 70Rc, adding life to your critical components. Swiss machines, lathes, screw machines, and others experience significantly less slippage when using tooling coated with Carbinite.


Carbinite Collet Uses

  • bar puller collet
  • barfeed collet
  • collet gripper sets
  • collet pad sets
  • expanding collet/mandrel
  • hex collet
  • round collet
  • serrated collet
  • smooth collet
  • swiss collet