This Press Release was originally submitted April of 2015. In the last three years, we have successfully applied our Carbinite coating to worn dyno drums in a number of shops. We’ve updated the Press Release with the most current information we have about our Chassis Dyno Traction Enhancement Coating.


Carbinite Dyno Traction Enhancement Significantly Reduces Wheel Slip for More Accurate Pulls

Carbinite Metal Coatings is excited to announce the successful application of their state-of-the-art texturing technology to worn chassis dyno drums/rollers. The increased coefficient of friction (COF) obtained by the application of our Carbinite coating eliminates wheel spin during pulls. This improves traction and subsequently allows for more accurate pulls, more repeatable readings, and more precise data collection.

The common methods of texturing chassis dyno drums are thermal sprays and knurling. These are both acceptable methods of increasing the COF between the tire and the drum, but are not without limitation. Thermal sprays and knurls both wear like any other surface. However, once thermal spray or knurling begin to wear, the only way to refurbish the rollers is a complete overhaul including a costly and time-consuming drum removal for reknurling or respraying.

Carbinite has developed a unique automation technique that allows refurbishment on-site without drum removal, reducing your downtime significantly. The average COF from steel to rubber is approximately 0.6. With the application of Carbinite, the COF jumps to over 1.0, almost doubling the effective traction. Rotational mass is not affected and rebalancing is not required. Carbinite is guaranteed to not chip, flake, or peel. Reapplication will not result in any additional build-up.

Carbinite’s textured coatings have been used for decades to enhance grip and prevent slip in many industries including manufacturing, machining, fabricating, safety, oil/gas, and primary metals. Our process has been used to refurbish worn drums in dyno shops ranging in size from your local garage to international testing facilities. Peter Trydte, Compliance Center Manager at Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) had this to say about our service:

Our dyno is performing flawlessly. We know that in its previous condition, tire slip was a big issue, and we have never had a problem with slippage from Day 1 with the Carbinite treatment. We are very satisfied customers!

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